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      Wispy eyelash extensions (Kim K lashes), is a trending style where a handmade lash fan is created using 2-6 lashes, then applied using alternating lash lengths, which gives the appearance of a Strip Lash look, suitable for clients who expect for a noticeable dramatic False Lash Look.


      Everything is accelerating with an amazing speed these days. So are the lash extensions business. Back to 4-5 years ago, the only few types of lash technique we could work was classic lash set. Then came the Russian volume and mega volume sets.


      As time goes by, lash extensions become more and more popular all around the world. As a result, different lashing styles and techniques start to emerge. For example, just about 5-6 years ago the only type of lash extensions you could get were classic lashes. Then Volume and Mega Volume came along and changed the game. As lash artists you need follow closely with the trend, and grasp the newest technique to satisfy your clients’ ever-growing beauty desires.


      So what’s wispy lashes? A simple way to describe it is to call it free lashing style, since lash artists use various lash lengths that gradually rise and fall across the eyes for a spikey appearance. So here comes a headache for most artists. How to decide which length or on which layer to place the spikes to make it look even? Here is a common wispy lash map for you!

       wispy lash map strip lash0.07/15DSpikes Base Lashes

      This one works with both classic or volume sets ⁣
      Black numbers for base lashes - C curl ⁣
      Pink numbers for the spikes - D curl


      Wispy Lash Extension Mapping

      Mapping is a process of confirming your lash position. It is a customized process that different on each client. So make sure you go through your clients’ natural lashes before mapping. This way you’ll have in mind some special needs they may have (such as a gap that needs to be filled with volume fans).


       Wispy Lash Extension Mapping Volume Fans Veyelash

      Photo from @Kiwi Lash n Brow


      Start from the high points - the places where to place the spikes. This way you’ll be able to visualize the look you are going for from the very beginning. Better use various lengths for all spike points. The highest point can be in the middle or at the outer corner of the eye.


      Once the spikes are in position, move to the filling stage. Then you need to decide which lash lengths will go in between the spikes. An easy way is to use 1-2mm shorter lashes than you do for high points.

       spikes lash extension use various lengths eyelash mapping easy fans veyelash

      Photo from @love2lashyou

       eyelash map spikes lash volume fans Cashmere Wispy Eyelash Extensions

      Photo from @fleekbymich

       Cashmere volume Wispy Eyelash Extensions fans mapping Veyelash

      Photo from @glitzlashstudio

       wispy lash look volume eyelash extension mapping veyelash

      Photo from @amelnerilashes


      These wispy lash look are fantastic, but it may feel painful to start your own mapping. But please believe, practice makes perfect. All you need is to work hard and keep improving on your skills. Then you will definitely map your own wispy lash set without the need for drawing or copying others maps. Start from here now!